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Why Level Up Your Streams

Experience high-quality video production. Level Up from your webcam, and start streaming with a dedicated Canon DSLR or Mirrorless camera.

These streaming bundles were hand picked to ensure easy set-up and connectivity, all while supporting the free Canon Webcam Utility app to increase your streaming quality even more! 


The recommended lenses can blur out any background to keep you in focus, while the AC adapter kits allows for longer streaming time without having to worry about your battery running out.


When you’re taking a break from gaming, your Canon streaming camera captures high quality photos and images for wherever life stakes you. 

Meet our Creators
Our Starting Roster
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Product shown are subject to change

Canon has the ultimate gamer bundles to take your streams on YouTube or Twitch to the next level. From entry-level Digital SLR and Mirrorless cameras to professional-grade full-frame cameras, we’ve made it easy to stay ahead of the game with
plug-and-play bundles that can be used for both streaming and creating high-quality content wherever you go.


“Canon has really helped me level up my stream quality. The image is clearer, crisper, and all around better quality when compared to a webcam. It works well in low light settings which is perfect for me since I’m in the basement and there isn’t much natural light. Being able to customize the aperture, ISO, and colour profiles really made my image “pop” since my room is full of colourful strip lights. The best part is that it has dual purpose - I’m able to disconnect it and take it out on any adventure to capture every moment.”

 - KarQ

Students save big with Canon

Join the Canon Student Advantage program and get exclusive discounts on new gear. No sign up fee required

Learn from our Canon Creators how to level up your stream.
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Located in OverActive Media’s HQ in Toronto, the Canon Creator Lab is the home base for Toronto Defiant content creators, streamers, players, and influencers. We will provide opportunities for local upcoming streamers and content creators to use the space to level up their streams. 

Check out recent events out of the Canon Creator Lab

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Explore upcoming events hosted by our Canon Creators 
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