How to get started creating gaming videos

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

In the gaming space there are a few ways to create video content to be uploaded on platforms such as YouTube or TikTok. Having presence in multiple platforms is imperative to your growth in general as a creator. The first thing you need to think about is the style of videos you want to do. Are you looking to make general gaming guides and tips? Highlights of your gameplay? Montages? Gaming news? There’s so many ways to diverge into the gaming space, and creators have found success in all branches.

If you don’t know where to start, I suggest reading blog post #1 on streaming first. After doing that, you can save and archive your broadcasts and do a few things with it. I do NOT recommend just uploading the entire stream session as a video onto YouTube because it’s just flat out too long for new creators. The appeal of a live stream is in its name - it’s live and engaging. If you’re uploading the stream VOD itself, it’s already lost a lot of value. You need something short and sweet to sell your personality, brand, and gameplay to a new audience.

That’s why you’re going to want to creatively transform your stream broadcast session into something more enjoyable in a shorter video. Cut it up in manageable bite size pieces and find a direction and stick with it. For example if you played a co-op game during your stream with a friend and had a lot of funny moments, clip some of the best parts out, put it together, add some text, jump cuts, zooms, and memes. If you played a multiplayer game with a ton of great plays, highlight those moments and trim the fat from that session. That would include things like the downtime between rounds or sitting in lobby queueing up for the next game.

Once you create your first video, don’t stop. Your editing skills and vision for a good creative direction only gets better the more you do it. Be curious, do research, and challenge yourself with every new piece of content and you’ll eventually grow.

Good luck!

Stay Tuned for more advice and videos to come from our Canon Creators!

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