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How to Get Started Streaming

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

To get started in streaming the #1 piece of advice is to make sure you enjoy what you’re playing. Streaming is so much more than just playing the game - it’s entertainment and unless you’re a top player, people are going to want to tune in for you and your personality. Ensuring that you’re genuinely enjoying what you’re playing will naturally make it easier to smile and have a good time, and THAT sort of energy is infectious.

Once you’ve chosen your game, begin by downloading streaming software such as OBS and begin by adding two scenes - the game, and the camera. I recommend a Canon DSLR since the image is clearer and crisper than a standard webcam. To connect it to the PC, you’ll need to link the camera through an HDMI tethering device such as the ELGATO Cam link, or you can use Canon’s free Webcam Utility App. This software allows your camera to be recognized as a webcam on virtually any app and in this case, OBS.

Next, ensure a good quality microphone is connected to your PC. There are many options, but a standard USB condenser mic is a great place to start. With your game, video, and audio setup, you’re ready to go! Hit the “start streaming” button and enjoy your streaming session!

If you’re brand new and don’t have an audience chatting back to you right away, the best piece of advice here is to just keep talking outloud. Verbalize what you’re doing, commentate, explain, and just pretend there’s someone there watching and listening to your stream. It’s very easy to zone out and silently game if there’s no one chatting, and first impressions are everything as a new streamer. Someone stopping by just to see your camera image of you focused on the game without talking will be a tough sell. Eventually someone WILL stop by, see how active and engaging you are and hopefully stick around. One person turns into two, then into four, and pretty soon you can grow an audience as long as you stick to these principles.

Good luck!

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